Thursday, November 11, 2010

In The Last 24 Hours...

My poor hair has gone:

 No one else may be able to see the big difference...but believe me.

So, I'm naturally a ginger...semi light orange type ginger.  I've recently fallen absolutely positively in LOVE with Dallas Bryce Howards & Julie McNiven's darker red hair.  So I did what I normally do and ran to the store and bought a box.  Because, of course, it's always been fine before.  I've always always always been happy with my hair dying.  But not this time.  In case you can't see, it came out a purpley completely fake red bright blah.  I hated it.  So, I pulled out my trusty One n' Only Colorfix (my total bff when I want to get rid of color), stripped it out and tried again...this time with something a little more substantial from Sally's.  I went with

This stuff is so mondo awesome!  But it is soooo strong!  It's professional quality so it burnt my poor little scalp a little and made my eyes water.  But not bad.  I promise.

I looooove it.

Oh yea...I went ahead and did my eyebrows too.  Mine have never even matched my natural color anyway.  It's not hard, you just can't be stupid about it.